To Our Valued Customers,

Alpha Garage Doors, like the rest of the world, have been closely monitoring the development of the COVID-19 outbreak nationally and globally. Our priority is to remain vigilant, but not alarmed as we put plans in place to ensure that we perform safe and hygienic practices to meet the challenges the have been presented

We understand the importance of having security for your home and businesses during these frantic times. As a repairs and maintenance company we are doing our best to provide prompt services to the public during these challenging times.

We would like to update you on the precautions our service technicians will take during the progressing COVID-19 crisis and how it will be affecting our company’s safety and hygiene protocols during your site visits.

The health and safety of our customers, staff and families will remain being our greatest priority. We are implementing new strategies, along with existing practices already in place to reduce unnecessary risks. These are inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • Educating Service technicians and office staff on hygiene and other preventative measures in line with Government recommendations.
  • Being attentive with hygiene standards.
  • Ensuring regular hand wash/sanitiser is readily available to all staff
  • Checking in daily with our staff and service technicians to ensure they are feeling healthy and well.
  • Requesting that clients who are feeling unwell or who have recently travelled, cancel their bookings and reschedule once clearance has been received from their medical practitioner.
  • Encouraging our service technicians to advise if they feel unwell and to stop work effective immediately and seek medical assistance.
  • Service Technicians are not to shake hands with any customers / clients while onsite.
  • Service Technicians are to wear a face mask and gloves where required onsite.
  • Service Technicians are to wash hands after every job thoroughly.
  • Service Technicians are to respectfully ask the customer before entering the property as a second precautionary measure, that the customer is healthy and does not have any COVID 19 symptoms.
  • Service Technicians are to kindly advise customers to keep a safe 2meters  distance while onsite undertaking repairs at all times.
  • When booking in jobs with our service consultants, we respectfully request that if any customers who have recently suffered from a case of the COVID-19 virus, or have been in contact with anyone who has been known to have had the COVID-19 virus, a strict 28 day period of  quarantine needs to pass before we can attend that property. We may need to obtain a document from a medical practitioner advising that they are fully recovered from the COVID-19 virus.

Alpha Garage Doors service technicians and all staff members reserve the right to cancel any appointments with little to no notice if the technician is not feeling well or if the technician feels deemed necessary whilst on site (Signs of coughing, sneezing or illness etc coming from the customer/client). Our management team is meeting regularly during this unprecedented time and is carefully following all advice and instructions received from the Department of Health and World Health Organisation to oversee the situation as it continuously changes. We are committed to supporting our clients and the Australian public during this time of uncertainty.


We Thank You Kindly and appreciate your patience.

Ben Behar and Zac Saad.