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Garage Door Motor Repairs and Installations requires the services of a skilled, well-trained garage door expert. The garage door motor replacement cost varies based on the brand of the motor and the specific type of repair issue. However, by relying upon our quality garage door motor replacement and repair team, you’ll receive important garage door motor advice and repairs to get your garage door back up and running fast.

    The Importance of Your Automatic Garage Door Motor

    The garage door motor typically plays a vital role in the daily operation of any automatic garage door. Without this helpful technology, property owners need to exit the vehicle and manually raise and lower the overhead door in order to use the garage.

    The garage door motor literally controls the heavy lifting involved in repeatedly opening and closing a garage door.


    Qualified Garage Door Motor Installation Services

    Our team at Alpha Garage Doors are happy to assist homeowners throughout Melbourne by providing skilled garage door motor installation services.

    Whether you’ve decided to replace an outdated motor, or you’d like to upgrade an existing manual garage door system, we offer fast, reliable services and guarantee our work.

    Our mechanics acquire the knowledge and training required to install and repair the motor for your automatic garage door.



    With cost-effective choices and a highly experienced team, you really cant go wrong with Alpha Garage Doors. Call us today!

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