Repair and Maintenance

General servicing and preventative maintenance should be completed on most residential garage door systems 6-12 months.Regular maintenance promotes longer product life and guarantees the manufacturer’s warranty is maintained. Servicing regularly also significantly reduces the risk of inconvenient malfunctioning and costly repair bills.

Our skilled Servicing Technicians provide a total maintenance service on all residentialand commercialgarage doors. Our standard routine service consists of the following:

  • Clean door guides
  • Check and tighten any blots
  • Check and retention springs, if necessary.
  • Lubricate.
  • Check and adjust safety reverse system on automatic openers.
  • Check and adjust open and close limits on automatic openers.
  • Test to ensure safe and smooth operation.
  • Report and advise on further work, if necessary.

To book a service or maintenance call out for your garage door, please fill out the form below or ring us on (03 99644935) to arrange a convenient time for us to come out to you.