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Roller Doors

A strong, durable option, the roller door has been a popular garage door choice among domestic and commercial clients for decades. This door is normally made from steel, or similar material types. As the name suggests, it has a steel curtain structure above the door which allows it to open and close using a rolling mechanism. This door is also a great option for freeing up space in front of, and, behind the garage door as it opens straight upwards.

If you have invested in one of these classical garage doors and notice it is looking past its best or not working properly in any way, contact the repairs team at Alpha Garage Doors in Melbourne to get it back in excellent, functional condition.

Secure Repairs of Your Family Home Garage

For a very long time, these practical garage doors have been a staple in residential property design and for very good reason. With the right design, they will complement your family home and provide you with a safe and childproof point of entry to your garage. Not only this but their signature close-packed steel curtain structure means you have a lot more control over how you use your garage space.

Don’t compromise the safety of your family or risk of property loss and make sure to contact our garage door repairs team if your roller door is not working properly, not locking or notice any signs of damage. With the support of the right maintenance experts like the team at Alpha Garage Doors, your roller door will stay strong and last you for decades.

The Many Benefits of Roller Doors

Hold on to the contact details of our repairs team after you’ve had your door serviced by us, installed a new garage door or moved into a property with a garage. As long as your garage roller door is well maintained, you can enjoy all of the following advantages.

  • Compact Design
    The sleek structure of a roller door affords you one of the most compact designs for your garage. The straight, rolling motion means minimal interference when opening your door and the curtain rolling up neatly grants you space inside and in front of your door.
  • Simple and easy to operate
    These doors are made to be practical.
  • Weatherproof
    Made from steel and rigid materials, a roller door will seal your entrance point from rain, withstand all weather situations and is resistant to damage and wear.
  • Secure
    With the strong, impenetrable structure of a roller door, you can always be confident in the security of your belongings. It is also easily a childproof measure as only the key or remote holder of the roller door will be able to open the door.
  • Family Friendly
    If your garage is used as a recreational space or if it is simply somewhere the kids tend to end up, then installing a strong, secure roller door is always a good idea. The door is virtually damage-proof and impossible to open without its key or remote control.
  • Saves You Extra Garage Storage Space
    Fit more than just your vehicle in your garage. With a roller door, rolling up at the ceiling you have ample floor space right behind and in front of, your garage door.

Roller Door Repairs and Maintenance

At Alpha Garage Doors in Melbourne, we repair and provide all the necessary maintenance needed for keeping garage doors in the best condition possible. Roller doors are especially durable, however, if you have experienced an accident or require repairs for any reason, help is just a quick call away.

We service, repair and maintain all types of garage doors including custom and special design options and our service team is friendly, professional and always reliable. You can always count on us to have a solution to any potential problem for property and commercial premises and to get the job done in a timely, efficient manner.

Get A Free Quote and Measure

With Alpha Garage Doors, you are entitled to a free quote and free, no-obligation on-premises measure service. This allows us to provide you with all the information required for you to make the best decision about your garage door repairs. If you are interested in receiving a repair quote on a roller door for your Melbourne property, contact Alpha Garage Doors today.