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Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Doors Repairs and Maintenance

A common garage door option around Melbourne, these doors can be made from various materials and structurally consist of three to eight panels that appear to break the design up in different ‘sections’. The sectional door can be a great space saver as each panel of the door will have its own connection to the door track which is located on the garage ceiling. This means you can maximise your space around your garage, on the inside and outside, and park close to the garage door without interfering with its mechanics.

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Roller Garage Doors

Roller Doors Repairs and Maintenance

A strong, durable option, the roller door has been a popular garage door choice among domestic and commercial clients for decades. This door is normally made from steel, or similar material types. As the name suggests, it has a steel curtain structure above the door which allows it to open and close using a rolling mechanism. This door is also a great option for freeing up space in front of, and, behind the garage door as it opens straight upwards.

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Tilt Garage Doors

Tilt Doors Repairs and Maintenance

This is an ideal option for properties with garages that are lacking in head room as it opens by tilting outwards, allowing your vehicles to enter. The tilt door, in these cases, is a way more accommodating alternative to sectional or roller doors which require ceiling space for a door track or roller. Like all our garage door products at Alpha Garage Doors, the tilt door can be stylised and customised to your liking.

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Emergency Garage Door Repairs

Repairs & Maintenance for all Types of Doors

We supply, install, service, repair and maintain all types of garage doors (including custom and special design options) our service team is friendly professional and reliable. and have a solution to every problem for commercial premises. Alpha Garage Doors will ensure that the quality, design and finish of your garage door is high-standard and reflects the professionalism of the commercial enterprise. It is important for the reputation of a commercial property as well as comfort of those who use/visit it, that it is not lacking in visual appeal and is always secure and functional. Our high-quality service and repairs team will take care of all your garage door needs in a timely and efficient manner.

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Automatic Motorised Garage Doors

Garage Door Motor Repairs and Installations requires the services of a skilled, well-trained garage door expert.

The garage door motor replacement cost varies based on the brand of the motor and the specific type of repair issue. However, by relying upon our quality garage door motor replacement and repair team, you’ll receive important garage door motor advice and repairs to get your garage door back up and running fast.

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Garage Door Spring Replacements

Spring Repairs and Replacements

Alpha Garage Doors provide high-quality repair and replacement solutions for garage door springs in Melbourne.

If you’ve got a broken spring on your garage door and need it replaced fast, you’ve come to the right place.

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Industrial Garage Doors

Industrial Repairs and Maintenance

An industrial roller door that doesn’t work can cause serious problems for any workplace. At Alpha Garage Doors, we’re fully capable of providing timely industrial garage roller door repairs in Melbourne. We’ll do our best to ensure that any disruptions to your operations are minimal, helping to get you back up and running at full efficiency as soon as possible.

Gate repairs and installation

Gate Repairs and Installations

Automated Gate repair and Installation experts in fixing and servicing all types of gates.

Specialising in installing, repairing & servicing automatic gates for homes & businesses in Melbourne.

Our highly trained, experienced gate experts will fix your gate and have it working again in no time.
Automatic gates, Swing gates, Telescopic gates, Sliding gates, Commercial gates and more