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    Has your garage door been in desperate need of repairing or replacing for a while, but for some reason you simply never seem to get around to it? Here at Alpha Garage Doors, we make the process of maintenance and installation easier than ever with our fast, affordable and highly professional service.

    Whether you’re looking to invest in a good old-fashioned roller door, an automatic garage door, a tilt garage door or a sectional option, we have you covered at every turn. Our team of experienced professionals services Werribee and surrounding areas, ensuring that you garage door is safe, secure and perfectly suited to the design of your home.

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    The Alpha team are proud to offer not only highly functional, modern garage doors, but designs that perfectly suit the style and architecture of your property. With so many choices available, we make it easier than ever to find the perfect option for your particular budget, style and needs.

    Our options include:

    • Remote and automatic garage doors: An incredibly convenient option that uses the latest technology to operate your door with ease.
    • Tilt garage doors: Need to save space? This innovative door tilts diagonally to give you more room and provides a more modern look.
    • Sectional doors: A much-loved design that features 3-8 ‘panels’ and operates on mechanised roller door technology.
    • Roller doors: The original roller door, loved for how durable, reliable and secure it is!

    Our installation solutions follow state and national regulations to provide a safe and reliable experience for our customers!

    Sectional door repairs


    If you ever find yourself in desperate need of roller door repairs in the middle of the night, our team are the experts to call! We proudly offer our 24/7 repair and maintenance service all over Melbourne, ensuring that whatever problem you’re having can be fixed quickly and affordably! No matter what time of day you call us, our team endeavour to provide an efficient service that gets your door back up and running sooner rather than later!

    In addition to this, our maintenance services are the perfect way to keep your garage door in great condition. This will minimise the risk of any issues occurring and will ensure your door lasts as long as possible!


    Whether your garage door is in need of repair or if you’re simply thinking of upgrading, get in touch with the Alpha team today! We can answer any of your questions and organise a free onsite quote!

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